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Cozette Smith shares her passion for working at Volkswagen South Africa!

Cozette Smith shares her passion for working at Volkswagen South Africa!

How long have you been involved in Graduate recruitment?
I have been involved with the Graduate Recruitment process since 2010.

No of positions you recruit for each year?
VWSA recruits graduates based on the specific needs of the company for that particular year.  In 2015, we recruited a total of 18 graduates.

How many applications to you receive each year?
The number of applications received for the graduate recruitment ranges from 5 000 to 7 000.

Do you receive Quality Graduates?
As leading automotive manufacturer, we strive to find the best candidates by adhering to stringent recruitment processed. Appointed graduates are subjected to an initial online evaluation, interviews and a psychometric evaluation. The top graduate applicants are then invited to our Uitenhage Plant to participate in a final assessment, which encompasses group and individual evaluation. Volkswagen prides itself in ensuring a healthy future leadership pool made up of top motivated young professionals.

What do you find is missing from your search?
Graduates need investigate prospective employers they are applying to, so that they have a realistic idea of what  type work they will be employed to do. The challenge for employers is to try to get a ‘right fit’ for the needs of the organisation and to satisfy the expectations of that particular graduate.

Do you believe that University Career Centre’s should play a bigger role in preparing Graduates for the World of Work?
Yes, they do have an important role to play. In respect of communication, it is important that they inform the graduates of what employers look for and to do this, the centres need to understand the employers. In order to facilitate this, close co-operation is required between the centres and potential employers. However, this role is not the Career Centre’s task alone – Faculties need to ensure that student preparation is closely aligned to what is required in the working world.

In 3 words what can you tell me is your ideal candidate?
Motivated, driven and dedicated.

What skills do they need to possess?
Technical skills required for the particular role, great communication skills, leadership potential and an excellent academic record.

During their G year, how many of these graduates do you take at the end of the programme?
VWSA offers permanent employment from the start.  As graduates are seen to be the possible future leaders of the organisation, VWSA invests in the graduates to develop and grow to their full potential.

Do you take foreign graduates who have obtained their degree here in SA?
All recruitment efforts at VWSA are in line with our Employment Equity strategy which is closely aligned to reflect the demographics of South Africa.  We thus give preference to South African citizens.

So graduates have one chance to make a good impression, what would your advice be to these graduates?
The graduate must show that they have passion for our company and our brands. They need to show that they are driven for success and are highly motivated.

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