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Fasset’s TVET Work

Fasset’s TVET Work

Fasset’s TVET Work – based experience project proves a winner

The Fasset-funded Work-based experience is enabling TVET learners to get workplace- experience required to complete their National Diploma. It has also exposed Fasset employers to a new talent pool from which to recruit.

Deloitte is one of the companies that has been instrumental in assisting Fasset in putting the programme together and ensuring its success. Deloitte has participated in Fasset’s Work-based Experience Project since 2013 and has assisted more than 150 TVET learners to obtain work experience. Deloitte Solutions Consultant, Jimmy van der Merwe (CA) SA is overseeing the project.

“When we started the programme at Deloitte, we were unsure of the level of technical capability of the TVET learners, but with the right support and well defined functions, they have exceeded our expectations,” Jimmy explains.

Deloitte conducts its own learner interviews. “We have our own processes. We make sure that the TVET learners, which we bring on board fit our organisation. These are trainable individuals with the right attitude,” he reveals.

Jimmy says Deloitte have added considerable value in areas such as work ethics, producing output of the highest quality and taking pride in what one does. “One of our focus points with our interns is to teach them that businesses are made up of people and people work in teams. It is important how you interact with others, and how you work in that team. You depend on one another. The quality of deliverables is important. It affects the entire team and it affects the organisation,” he reminds.

Being placed on an internship is a once in a life-time opportunity. Jimmy always reminds interns that “they are extremely privileged to be sitting here because there are thousands, who would give their eye teeth to work at Deloitte.”

Jonas Mvundlela and Hendreck Mushamane completed their internship at Deloitte in Pretoria. They were among the top learners in Financial Management at Tshwane North FET College.   Jonas completed his internship in the Finance Department at Deloitte. “My work was related to my studies. I used Pastel Accounting to capture invoices. I communicated with clients, who wanted proof of payment. I responded to client requests as quickly as possible,” he explains.

Jonas acquired many skills: “Teamwork is one of the most important lessons I have learnt. I have learnt how we assist each other. We have each other’s back. I can work under pressure. I can work independently, with motivation and confidence. I respect deadlines. When I have a lot of work on my plate, I make sure that I get to work early so that I can submit my work on time.”

His work ethic and attitude have impressed. After completing his internship, he accepted a fulltime position at Deloitte.

“I would like to thank Deloitte for giving me this great opportunity to gain some work experience in finance. I really enjoyed the programme and I learnt a great deal. I am going to spread the word about Fasset programmes,” he concludes.

Hendreck says the TVET Work-based Experience Project has changed his life: “I have grown as a person and as a professional.”

He has learnt to work smart and the importance of ensuring that clients are happy.

As an intern, Hendreck checked, verified, and processed invoices for MasterCard a large client of Deloitte in the BPO business.

“I would like to thank Fasset for believing in us. We never expected to work in a big firm like Deloitte. I would also like to thank Deloitte for believing in us. Deloitte is very professional. We are all one family,” he concludes.

Fasset is currently recruiting another 200 TVET learners. Learners, who meet the qualifying criteria, may submit their application at: There is a link to the graduate’s website on Fasset’s Facebook page.

Image Left: Hendreck Mushamane, Right: Jonas Mvundlela


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