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Funding Post Graduate study

Funding Post Graduate study

One of the biggest drawbacks to postgraduate study is the expense. Tuition fees alone for home students are between R18000 and R36,000 per year, and some courses cost considerably more. Beyond that, there are your usual expenses for accommodation and living costs. All told, you’re going to need quite a bit of green for even a one-year course.

That’s where funding comes in. Funding is designed to ease the financial burden of PG study. There are many options for funding from public bodies, charities and institutions. If you are thinking about taking a professional qualification, then your employer may be willing to assist you financially.

Postgraduate study falls under three general types: taught, research and professional.

Taught courses include Masters programmes, such as Master of Arts, Master of Business Administration, and Master of Science. These courses usually take 12 months of intensive full time study. Alternatively, there are part-time or e-learning options that take two years of study.

Research courses are more subject-intensive than taught courses, and allow you greater independence academically. Research courses usually lead to PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) or Mphil (Master of Philosophy) status.

Typically, PhD research is carried out over three years, while an ensuing fourth year is spent writing up a thesis. Home students may be able to secure funding for research courses from government grants and other sources, although international students generally have to fund themselves, which can be costly.

Professional qualifications are postgraduate courses that facilitate development or entrance into a particular profession. These courses are recognized by official bodies within a particular industry. Examples include the BVC (Bar Vocational Course) for law, PGCE for teaching, and qualifications within such fields as accounting, journalism and marketing. Your employer may be willing to assist you financially for your professional postgraduate study.

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