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Jacques Du Plessis shares his passion for working at Volkswagen South Africa!

Jacques Du Plessis shares his passion for working at Volkswagen South Africa!

Institution you studied at? MScEng (Mechatronics) at Stellenbosch University

What is your Job title and what does your job entail?
Service Technology Specialist: I am responsible for developing all country specific current flow diagrams, fitting locations and maintenance protocols for electrical components as well as the operation repair times for various product types. I am also developing specialised test equipment for our local vehicles and provide technical assistance to the dealer network, through assessment of diagnostic information.

Tell us what is a typical day in the office like for you?
I work an eight hour shift, starting from 08:00 to 16:00. The daily activities that keep me busy include, but are not limited to, the creation of wiring diagrams and repair times for new models, attending to dealer queries and conducting research.

I regularly visit the workshop where I can get my hands ‘dirty’, as I am responsible for building and testing equipment. Occasionally I do field visits, but every now and then, I get a chance to take a Scirocco R, Audi RS5 or one of other latest models around the test track. A small portion of the day is filled with planning and feedback meetings, presentations and report writing, that requires me to come up with creative suggestions and provide action plans.

I have been to Germany last year and will be returning for another visit later this year. I am currently attending German classes twice a week – learning a new language is an unexpected but very fun twist to my chosen career as an engineer.

Why did you choose to work for VWSA?
It is fantastic to be part of a market leading brand that produces world class products. VWSA’s success and longevity is built on the foundations of quality, innovation and integrity. It is these qualities, that I want to bring to the company and build on its success.

What do you love most about your job?
It is fast-paced and exciting, involving constant innovation and design in an ever-changing industry.

What do you love most about VWSA?
VWSA offers growth opportunities – they invest in training and development of their employees. You can have the best product in the world, but the only way to evoke true passion is with people, and VWSA certainly achieves that.

If you could change or implement a new strategy or idea at VWSA, what would that be?
At this time, I am unsure as to what I would look at implementing. Whatever is considered would need to be for the benefit of not only VWSA but the VW Group internationally.

What advice would you give to someone who has just completed his or her studies and is about to enter the working world?
Learning doesn’t stop when you graduate – learning is a life-long endeavor. The minute you stop learning is the minute you cede opportunities to others. Always look to challenge and refine your thinking. View everything through the lens of learning. Life is about learning and unlearning, and developing and growing. Don’t waste your experiences – view them as learning opportunities.

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