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Jobless Graduates show need for change

Jobless Graduates show need for change

Jobless Graduates show need for change as they look at the country’s Scarce & critical skills more closely!

As if we all didn’t already know that getting a university degree just isn’t what it used to be, especially in finding employment. Half of young university graduates are either unemployed or underemployed and holding jobs that don’t utilize the skills and knowledge they gained while earning their degree.

In other words: That mountain of debt that students are taking on might be not only unnecessary but inappropriate in consideration of the jobs young people have available to them. And it’s the debt itself that concerned me first.The single path to a career that will be satisfying and rewarding for the next several decades of a young life, as soon as that young life hones in on what sort of career that might be.

There are others who also just received degrees that they can’t use, with bills that they can’t pay, who really, really need the job as well. It pays slightly more than minimum wage.

Perhaps, too, society needs to start getting real about how it defines success. More consideration should be given to trade school programs that require specific training for a career rather than the standard four-year model of offering a “well-rounded” college education complete with classes that aren’t needed for the career-field being pursued.


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