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Volkswagen South Africa: Gerald Pietersen

Volkswagen South Africa: Gerald Pietersen

How long have you been involved in Graduate recruitment? I have been involved in the Graduate recruitment process for 9 months.
No of positions you recruit for each year? We recruit for: 15 positions on our Graduate Trainee Programme.
How many applications to you receive each year? We have received an average of over 5 000 applications per year over the past five years from ‘every corner’ of South Africa.

Do you receive Quality Graduates? Yes we do. Our stringent screening and interview process is competency-based, which allows us to identify and appoint quality Graduates. Those who display the qualities we seek in our young talent are then developed and through this process, we feed a healthy talent pipeline for tomorrow’s leaders.

What do you find is missing from your search? Sometimes we find that applicants are not quite in touch with the company and industry that they have applied for. We don’t expect applicants to know our entire business and industry, however some basic knowledge of these is important, so that during the interview process the applicant is able to better relate to the company.

Do you believe that University Career Center’s should play a bigger role in preparing Graduates for the World of Work? Firstly, I think the range of services they offer to their students is excellent and I must commend the effort they put into maintaining good relations with the companies looking to employ Graduates. With that said, I think some of the University Career Centre’s need to brand themselves better on campus and effectively communicate their services to the students. Many on campus are unaware of how much exposure and learning they can receive through career offices and how this will benefit them once they enter the job market.
In 3 words what can you tell me is your ideal candidate? Someone who has: Passion, energy and a desire to learn.

What skills do they need to possess? Technical skills – The ability to completely apply the specific skills and knowledge required for their field. Leadership skills – The ability to positively influence others to achieve a common goal. Adaptability – The
ability to adapt to a dynamic environment.

During the graduate programme, how many of these graduates do you take at the end of the programme? Our Graduate programme offers permanent employment to successful candidates from the day they start. This further entrenches our intention to grow and develop our people.

Do you take foreign graduates who have obtained their degree here in SA? All recruitment efforts at Volkswagen Group South Africa are in line with our Employment Equity strategy which is closely aligned to reflect the demographics of South Africa. We thus give preference to South African citizens.

So graduates have one chance to make good impression, what would you advise these graduates? Passion, commitment and
willingness to learn are essential. These together with an open mind will see you fit in well at a progressive company like Volkswagen
Group South Africa.


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